Video: This is the amazing redesigned iOS 7 multitasking interface you’ve been waiting for

This is really cool and I would love to see this an option for people who don’t wish to Jailbreak their iPhones


By shamelessly stealing the app switcher interface from webOS — the mobile operating system Palm created, HP murdered and LG revived as a TV platform — Apple gave its iOS multitasking interface a much-needed overhaul. As is often the case, however, a creative developer working outside of Apple’s third-party app development restrictions has built an amazing iOS 7 multitasking interface that blows Apple’s efforts out of the water.

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About smacsteve

A huge Apple fan and worked for Apple Inc. for 8 years. Now working as a sales rep for T-Mobile and using the Android platform, but still love the iOS as a general Apple fan.
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